We all have a place. A place that’s always in your head, always there for you, wherever you are.

This is my place. The view from my childhood bedroom: westwards, towards the bay of Ireland and, beyond, St Ninian’s Isle. The cloud bank obscures the island of Foula but it is there, even when you can’t see it.

The forever changing sky and the sensation of space represents all that is out there for me. But there were times when I wanted to block it out. During the Shetland summer, when the day and its light continues into the next, I would feel so overwhelmed. I would tape black bags to my bedroom window and create my own darkness.

I have lost things on the way to where I am today. But for all I have kept and found I take them here. In my head. And all the beauty, and space, and possibility I felt as a child feels real again.

© Shona Main 2010

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