No peace

On a day out to Eshaness, a few years back, our old friends Laurie and Elma took us to the cemetery to see this grave. It says –

Donald Robertson, born 14th January 1785, died 4th June 1848, aged 83 years.

He was a peaceable, quiet man and to all appearance a sincere Christian.

His death was much regretted which was caused by the stupidity of Laurence Tulloch in Clothister (Sullom) who sold him nitre instead of Epsom salts by which he was killed in the space of 5 hours after taking a dose of it.

For years its contained rage – and praise – has amused me. But one morning, after having dreamt of that grave yard and of bent-double Donald Robertson, I woke up vexed.  Poor man. First to have your life so agonisingly taken away by a terrible mistake. Then to lie under such bitter words, the air leaden with recrimination. You wonder, without peace above him has he had any rest?

© Shona Main 2010

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