Jenny Gilbertson, a study of her films (1932-34)

Hillswick 15Oct15 show

Shetland Moving Image Archive, Scottish Screen, Shetland Film Club and myself have teamed together to hold two screenings of Gilbertson’s early films with the hope of being able to identify the people and places that featured in these films.

They are

Sunday 11th Oct 1.15pm (for 1.45pm start) – 4pm at Shetland Museum and Archive, Lerwick for a screening of Rugged Island

Thursday 15th Oct 7 pm (for 7.10pm start) – 10pm  at the Hillswick Hall for a screening of Cattle Sale, Da Makkin o’ a Keshie, In Sheep’s Clothing, Scenes from a Croft Life (also known as From Hillside to Home– apologies for the error in the poster) and A Crofters Life in Shetland. And if we’ve time the first few scenes of  Rugged Island.

In my research I have been trying to piece together information about the making of these films so we’re hoping these events yield all sorts of information and stories about Jenny Gilbertson, these films and the cinematic making of history in and around Hillswick in the 1930s.

This post was published on the now defunct WordPress blog ‘Jenny Gilbertson: a biography’ on October 6, 2015. I have consolidated my blogs to keep things together and more manageable.

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