Funding: thank you

gref (1)I have just been given a Dundee Visual Artists and Craft Makers Award and funding from the Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures to make a film.

This film will be inspired and in response to Jenny Gilbertson’s Peat from Hillside to Home (1932) and will study the enduring practice of cutting and burning peat in Shetland.

It will be a collaboration with Shetland musicians Joyce Wark and JJ Jamieson of Bongshang who will create the soundtrack and Joanne Jamieson who will be co-producing.

Shooting begins in May when they flaa (or flay) the peat bank and caste peats in Yell, Eshaness, Virdifield and Sandwick.

The above picture is of Best Boy Josie Kay and myself at the gref (or grave, the bottom of the peat bank) as we were doing a recce of the sodden banks.

Thank you to my funders for their financial support and to all of those in Shetland and the Mainland who are so enthusiastic and helpful as I plan this film.

This post was published on the now defunct WordPress blog ‘Jenny Gilbertson: a biography’ on March 18, 2016. I have consolidated my blogs to keep things together and more manageable.


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