A PhD in Jenny Gilbertson

Thank you to the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities for supporting my research in Jenny Gilbertson.

I have been awarded full funding to undertake a 3-year, full-time practice-led PhD (I will make a film and write a 30,000 thesis) supervised by Dr Sarah Neely of Stirling University and Dr Ross Birrell of Glasgow School of Art. My area of exploration will be Inside the shared space of documentarist and subject: a study of the quietly radical ideas and ethics of Jenny Gilbertson.

And thank you to everyone who provided critical support and encouragement during the drafting process of my application.

I start in October. Meantime, we will be showing Real Illuminators: Scotland’s Pioneers of Documentary Filmmaking at the Women’s Films and Television History Network International Conference at Leicester on the 18th May. This programme shows the work of early filmmakers who creatively documented the people, place and issues of their age.

Thereafter, my mind and viewfinder will be solely focused on peat – a filmic response to Jenny Gilbertson’s Peat from Hillside to Home (1932) (part of the Real Illuminators programme), which I start filming on the 25th May.

This post was published on the now defunct WordPress blog ‘Jenny Gilbertson: a biography’ on May 16, 2016. I have consolidated my blogs to keep things together and more manageable.

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