My first lesson in Inuktitut: c1980

BlogInuktitutAll of this time I have been researching Jenny Gilbertson in the Arctic I have been asking my fellow schoolmates at Dunrossness Primary School, ‘do you remember when we did the Arctic?’ Thanks to Gilbertson’s daughters, I have finally found the book we used. It was by the British Museum and was called ‘The Eskimos Project Book’ and was used alongside a programme by BBC Schools. Gilbertson came to schools in Shetland to speak about her experiences and her Arctic films: she didn’t come our our class but my sister who is four years older than me remembers her visiting and talking about seal hunting.

Incidentally, the first film Gilbertson made in Coral Harbour in 1970 was for the BBC and was produced by Peggy Broadhead. It may have been called ‘The Eskimo Settlement’. The BBC archive and myself are yet to track this down but I can’t help wondering if this was the programme that was shown.

This book has a guide to Inuktitut, with an introduction to affixes and infixes, words that would never again be mentioned in my Scottish primary or comprehensive schooling.

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