Rained: raining: it will rain again

Blog.rainonthewindowI had a dream where it was raining and I was at my desk writing about the sound of it hitting the window. When the rain stopped I felt I should turn what I had written into past tense as it didn’t feel right to be writing about something happening in present tense when it wasn’t happening anymore. I changed the words. Then it started to rain again so I told myself, if I was quick, I could turn it back into present tense. As I was shifting tense I made mistakes. The rain became lighter. Then it stopped. I looked at my words. Some were behind me and some were in front of me. I realised I was awake.

Note: I am keeping an ‘ethical dilemma diary’ to document and reflect on my thinking while I explore the ethical considerations in making a film. I dream a lot about about being on the inside of a decision which means dreaming is like being awake.

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