interesting things

Films and bits of films I watch over and over again

An animation of my favourite story from Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, The Distance from the Moon (Shulamit Serfaty 2008)

Dog discipline, left-handed iglu building and changing a nappy in -30 degrees: from Igloolik to Repulse Bay in Jenny’s Dog Team Journey (Jenny Gilbertson 1975)

“Nature! Nature! I am your bride. Take me!” The labyrinth scene in Orlando (Sally Potter 1992)

An honouring of a life by Shetland’s film poet. Alfie (Roseanne Watt 2015)

When they record the sounds of their world  to send to Pablo Neruda in Il Postino (Michael Radford 1994) starring the incomparable Massimo Troisi. The shots of him, in darkness, introducing each of the shots was filmed in his hospital bed. He died soon after.

I have this on a loop when I am working. Impossible Dreams (Angelika Kroeger 2012)

Disturbing yet beautifully paced, The Aardvark of Ant Bear (Elizabeth Balneaves 1961), another Shetland filmmaker.

The boys dancing in the mist from Amarcord (Federico Fellini 1974)

The unsettling and striking animation Lumaajuuq by Alethea Anrnaquq-Baril (2010)

The show reel of Stray Seal, underwater camerawoman and Scottish BAFTA and Grierson Award nominated documentarist (Lindsay Brown 2014)

Katherine Cleaver and others talking about the natural hair movement in Black Panthers (Agnès Varda 1968)

The dog causing trouble in Le Quattro Volte (Michelangelo Frammartino 2010)

I always wait for the bit when she unwraps a sweetie. Portrait of Ga (Margaret Tait 1952)

An interview with John Akomfrah at the Barbican to mark his film installation Purple (2017) and on here, his interview at the opening of Vertigo Sea at the Talbot Rice (2017)

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